Download Screen Stream Mirroring Free Android

Hello friends, in this video I will tell about screen streaming mirroring free android app, this is a very amazing android app.

Screen Stream Mirroring is an app to ‘stream’ your Android screen right from a browser, a device connected to Chromecast, or even on VLC Player.

Download Screen Stream Mirroring Free Android

In the setup options, you can adjust different values for your broadcast and also adjust the quality. You can change the resolution, bitrate, and framerate, plus activate options to view your touch on the screen or force the landscape mode (super useful for broadcasting video on a video player).

At any time, you can pause the streaming by simply using the shortcut on the notification bar. By tapping it again, you can resume streaming with no problem.


Screen Stream Mirroring is a really interesting screen streaming app. Although it’s specialized in local streaming, it’s also compatible with other services like Twitch, Ustream, and YouTube.

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