NotiEasy – Save Status & Notification History log

NotiEasy Save Status & Notification History log: Notieasy will save notifications shown on noti-bar for you to review later.

Main features:
✓  Save notifications shown on notification bar for you to review later
✓  Prevent you from disturbing notifications
✓  Blacklist notifications from being displayed in notification bar, you can block any prevent them disturb you with only single touch
✓  Keep your notification bar clean or with only useful notifications
✓  Auto-save, auto-remove outdated notification, everything is supported in NotiEasy

NotiEasy Apps Download

✓  Read them privately, without leaving a “read mark” (now only supports WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Instagram and 5 more chat apps, will support more applications. Send us feedback the app you want, we will plan to do it as soon as possible)

• NotiEasy only save new notifications you receive SINCE THE TIME YOU INSTALL,
if you want to get old history, this app is not a solution.
• NotiEasy only store your data in your device


– About required permissions:
• BILLING: Let you buy developer a drink 🙂 and disable ads in NotiEasy
• ACCESS_NOTIFICATION : To help you save incoming notification
• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Read media files mentioned on notifications
• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Use media file or data in notifications

WATCH VIDEO:-NotiEasy App को यूज कैसे करें?

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