Music Lock Screen App For Android Phone

Music Lock Screen App For Android Phone: The lock screen for music lovers! Music Lock is the lock screen for music lovers.

Unlock your screen to a tune of your creation.

Now with practice mode that lets you just play!

Music App Lock Screen Download

Using the Music Lock:
1. Open the application’s settings.
2. Choose which key the octave will start with.
3. Set up your musical password.
4. Enable the Music lock screen.
5. Follow the simple 1 step instructions.
6. Enjoy the music.

WATCH VIDEO:- Music Lock ऐप कैसे यूज करें?

By default for recovery reasons, the lock screen doesn’t lock on boot, but instead lets the default lock screen load, if you wish to change this behaviour, you can change it through the settings dialog.

For support, please contact us by email, our customer service is fast to react, and responds faster over email than comments.

Permissions: we require the camera permission for the flashlight feature. We do not collect any private information.


Many thanks to the following people for reporting issues and offering suggestions that ended up in the app:
* Noam Levian
* Jonah Harris
* Benjamin Donnangelo
* Moreya Redmond
* Seth Ulrich
* Jade Cheung
* April Riley
* Chris Sutch
* Hanna Barten

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