Water drops HD live wallpapers

Water drops live wallpaper will splash your screen with water drops!
Water drops live wallpaper is a free app for everyone that simulates the water dropping on your screen.

Water drops live wallpaper is a free app for everyone. You can also set all the backgrounds you see in Water drops live wallpaper as normal phone wallpapers.

Cool the hot days of summer with Water drops live wallpaper

How to use:
1. Select your favorite wallpaper with water.
2. Click “Apply” on the bottom of the screen.

Exclusive live wallpapers that you will not find anywhere else

New features:
more than 8 different particles
more than 10 different animations
Magic touch: highly requested, now you have a live wallpaper that you can play with. We added 5 different touch effects. You can always disable this feature.

Various options for the particles. Maybe you want more particles on your screen? Or you want them to move faster? Or maybe you just want them to be bigger.


We hope you enjoy our redesigned and feature packed new live wallpaper app!
This is a live wallpaper app that you can play with.

Water drops live wallpaper is the perfect app for summer. All the wallpapers provided are HD and tested on various screen sizes and they look very good in all of them.

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